For some people the process of involvement in a building project can be an exciting adventure but for others it can be a large step into the unknown particurlarly within the domestic / residential sector. This is where the Architect can become an important fgure within in the project by helping and advising on all aspects of the process from initial appraisal, preliminary design proposals, detail designs, planning applications etc, to on-site construction and certification upon contract completion

The Architect, by education, training and experience, is well equipped to advise on all matters related to building works etc. and to assist you in all stages of the building project and to administer the building contract impartially between the employer and the contractor.

Again, for many people, their home is one of the most important investments that they will make and certainly the most important building in terms of the quality of their lives. By engaging the services of an Architect, you will have a product custom-designed to your specific requirements, to bring added value to your building, site or house, and also make the best use of your budget. We can also work with you on optomising the long-term useability and efficiency of your home by examining the implications of life time housing and of environmentally sustainable design.

Life time housing is designed to minimize factors which might make it difficult for you to enjoy your house as you grow older or in the event of you becoming disabled. Environmentally sustainable design uses passsive heating, daylighting and environmentally friendly techniques and materials to provide natural solutions for living in harmony with the environment.